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I live in Austin, and there a beautiful place called Hamilton Pool here. In the it was not well known, despite being a local landmark for decades, and we used to spend the day wandering between boulders and climbing them, and swimming under the waterfall or sunning on the little beach there. Now that environmentalists have taken over, it a sad little place with a rope barrier that keeps you away from about 75% of the area and forces glorified tour groups to spend a short, crowded time missing most of its beauty.

“I was living with my grandmother canada goose jacket black friday sale uk at the time. My mom would get me on the weekends and stuff like that. And then they were like, not gonna be able to go with your mom on the weekends anymore. “But depcrestwood,” I hear you asking, “why not just skip ahead in the video so the setup doesn ruin it for you?”Because, dear redditor, story progression is important to me. Okay? Sometimes it not enough for me to just watch a porn scene. I want to know how the couple ended up accidentally fucking on the merry go round.

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